Hello 👋

My name is Mishel, and I design for print, web and screen formats, most days of the week. The remaining days, I engage in social and community projects. I work for inspiring people, great organizations and service clubs, that use their skills and talents for positive change in the world.

I’m inspired by people and businesses who strive for a better world, like B Corporations that use business as a force for good, Curry Stone Foundation that inspire and empower community-driven social impact design, the Center for Effective Altruism, a social movement that applies strategies to improve current and future generations, The Long Now Foundation that fosters (super) long-term thinking, and The Arch Mission Foundation, that creates multiple archives of human knowledge around the Solar System.

I read and listen to thought-provoking and deep conversations on work, money, people, emotions and ethics, via the power of podcasts, like Akimbo by Seth, Optimize by Brian, Influence by WeTransfer, Deep Futures by Mailchimp, and PeopleFirst by Yianni & Andrea.

My personal mission is the continuous growth in all life’s aspects and the deep and meaningful connection with people around me through self-awareness, curiosity and creativity.

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