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Centre for Social InnovationCSI

A team of professionals, focused on developing and delivering disruptive solutions to systemic, social and educational challenges, with the intention to facilitate and encourage processes that will bring people together to interact and contribute for productive and meaningful human interactions, thus achieving a better quality of life.


Digital Literacy in Europe

The DiLitE project, funded by Erasmus+ Program, aims to support and facilitate the up-skilling of practitioners at all levels (volunteers, mentors, classroom assistants, teachers) in the teaching of basic digital literacy practices across Europe. I worked closely with the project manager for the branding and design of the marketing collateral.

Take IT

Real World Education to Boost Climate Change Adaptation

The “TAKE IT” project, also an Erasmus+ funded Program, aims to empower individuals, to boost voluntary action, and to help people through the transition so that they understand climate change and take appropriate adaptation actions. I had the pleasure to work for 12 months on the development of interactive infographics, a field I hadn’t worked with before, and produce a total of 7 part infographics in 7 languages.

Here is the interactive version over on the Take IT website

Pierides Museum – Cultural Foundation

The Pierides Museum & Cultural Foundation is the oldest private museum in Cyprus, and is housed in the ancestral Pierides family home – a colonial-style building built in 1825. My work with the Museum included designs for the young visitors from public and private schools.

City of Larnaca – News Portal, the fastest growing local news portal, was expanding it’s reach through an App for younger generations and a publication for the more conservative audience. The vision of this media company was to give focus on the positive developments of the city while pushing for change on the decade-old problems that were still around. I had the pleasure to work with the team for a number of projects.